26 August 2007

Luxury "education" and "research"

Typical! Where there's money, there's a market. And where there's a market, there's education. I'm sure the Italian Accademia del Lusso is only the first of many courses and classes that'll be spawned for capitalizing (literally and figuratively) on the ever increasing "luxury market". I wonder if any of them will question the morality of luxury and the politics of absolute affluence? Why would they? In the meantime, someone please help the Accademia del Lusso with their rather non-deluxe English. (Grazie Giorgia for the heads up.)

Of course, even this little venture looks rather respectable alongside the Luxury Institute in New York (logo has to be see - above). The "institute" describes itself as follows:

... the uniquely independent and objective research institution that focuses solely on the top 10 percent of America’s wealthy.
And thus, in one post, we have education exploiting the marketplace for its cash and the marketplace exploiting education for its cachet. A marriage made in heaven!

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